Are You Frightened?

When I started this blog in late 2019, I thought it would be a great place to share my future travels as not only a mentally ill man but a broke and fat one as well. I would share pics of myself frolicking on the beach in all my moobly glory, having a shit load of fun despite being horrible depressed, anxious, and psychotic.

I had it all planned out.

We all know what happened. COVID-19. I had to leave the Philippines to renew my visa status, so in February of 2020, I went to Singapore and had a day of fun at Changi airport. But after I came back, the entire world was quarantined. All dreams of travel evaporated, and we all struggled just to survive.

But now that we are starting to dust off our passports and buy some new Merino wool T-shirts in the hopes that we can take advantage of some after pandemic airline fares, I have uncovered some other issues that, more than ever, make us Frightened Travelers.

To add to the mental issues from being fat and having a mental illness, I have germ-phobia and the fear of touching anything or breathing someone else’s air. COVID-19 is terrible, and I am in my 50s, so there is no way I want to catch it. So until there is a vaccine, and even after, I will be afraid to travel.

Is fear going to stop me? NO!

But I will think twice about being packed shoulder-to-shoulder in airports and airplanes, and I am going to be more careful, so I can travel safely.

It’s not just about getting the virus ourselves; we have to make sure we aren’t spreading our strain worldwide to countries who have done their job already or developing countries who can’t afford another outbreak.

So, are you ready to travel, or are you frightened?


I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite articles, travel resources, and blogging resources so you can quickly get an idea of what Frightened Traveler is all about!

Let’s get started!

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