Hello! I’m Jason.

I help everyday people who are afraid to live their dreams of travel finally get out there, step out of the comfort zone, and book that bucket list trip. I also help these frightened travelers to start blogging their experiences to help others who may be afraid to step on that airplane.

I am a travel writer, minimalist packer, gear enthusiast, and blogger who enjoys the finer things in cities and out of the way places around the world.

I’m also an advocate who is not afraid to tackle tough subjects like mental health and body positivity. Not many people want to talk about what it’s like traveling while fat, or with extreme anxiety, but we need to for everyone’s benefit.

What Led Me Here

My fondest dream is to travel the world. But I have a problem. A long time ago I was diagnosed with a serious mental illness, and for most of my life, it has ruled my world. I am fearful of stressful situations and social interaction, as well as large groups of people.

My situation is why my decision to start traveling in my fifties was so surprising. Not a lot of people who hear voices, fight depression, and have crushing anxiety try to live their dreams. Most of us are just trying to survive.

This is my journey.

What I Have Done

I am also a blog consultant. Not a contractor, coach, or freelancer, but a consultant who can guide you through the intricacies of building, starting, and managing a blog.

I’ve been building and starting blogs for over 20 years; when I started they weren’t even called weblogs yet. I know what it takes to build, launch, monetize, and manage a high-traffic blog.

I built Frightened Traveler just a few months ago (3-11-2020) and my traffic numbers are going through the roof! I’ve gotten to the point where I started adding affiliate offers and as soon as I have an income report, I will share it with you!

How to Get the Most Out of the Blog

If you look at the navigation options at the top of the page, you will see I have broken it out into the BLOG page, which is a simple chronological listing.

There are a few special place on the blog:

I look forward to engaging with you in the comments and on social media.

Contact Jason Weiland

If you are interested in a collaboration or you want to sponsor any of my activities, trips, or posts, send me an email at frightenedtraveler@gmail.com

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