The Philippines Can Make Even the Strongest Skeptic Shudder in Fear

I’ve heard of the Aswang before because, as we were driving through the Dumangas area, here on Panay island, my wife became visibly frightened as we went through a dark and gloomy neighborhood. It seems as though these Aswangs live in Dumangas and try to fit in with the population by shapeshifting into young, beautiful women with long hair. They like the dark, too.

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After the COVID-19 Quarantine, Everyone Will Be a ‘Frightened Traveler’

At almost 52-years-old, I never thought my future would be in question. I had everything planned out for the coming years. Until the time came to pass where I could not work, or travel, or enjoy the things I was passionate about anymore, and I am left to type my memoirs with a cold bottle of beer and a plate of steaming Sisig, I would do the things I knew would make me happy.

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Travel Bloggers and Influencers: Are You Worried This Might Be the End of Your Blog and Business?

Think about it: the last thing on the minds of most people is where they are going to travel next unless they are in the middle of an around-the-world journey. But people who aren’t bloggers and influencers are only thinking about the Coronavirus, lockdowns, travel bans, and quarantines. They are concerned about their 80-year-old-mother living all by themselves. They are worried about where they are going to get toilet paper and groceries.

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