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Hi, again! For the most part, I am a writer – essays, reviews, blog posts, and articles – But I do dip my toe into other areas as well.

You could call me a micro-influencer. While I don’t have the enormous followings of some of my peers on Medium, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, I do have a very dedicated group of true fans who follow me all over the internet.

I don’t have a huge mailing list yet, but I will. Thus, micro!

I am open to the possibility of working directly with brands on their marketing needs. I do participate in quite a few affiliate programs and would be excited to take the relationship further and work directly with brands and my followers.

I would be interested in working with other micro-influencers in the travel, body positivity, and mental health advocacy niches on special projects or collaborations, no matter how big your following.

Let’s talk!

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